Together We Save Lives -5 Essential Components For Choosing An Air Ambulance

5 Essential Components For Choosing Air Ambulance Services

When you’re faced with an emergency medical situation, time is of the essence. Air ambulance service has become a vital part of the healthcare infrastructure as medical air transport services are intended to provide those requiring air ambulance transportation with access to quality healthcare no matter where in the world they are. When a hospital transports a patient from one facility to another, whether it be across town or around the world, a medical transportation provider assists in that transfer. Due to this great need for efficient and reliable air ambulance services, it is important for patients to know how to choose the right medical transport company for their needs.

Choosing an air ambulance for medical transport can be overwhelming due to the large number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. In this article, we will discuss five essential components for selecting an air ambulance service that will fit your specific needs while providing quality care and safe transportation during a time of crisis.

Air Ambulance Service

Airlorm Aviation has and provides you with all essentials required for your services, which include the aeroplane/ helicopter, pilots and medical team for carrying out the purpose. Our air ambulance is equipped with doctors, surgeons, physicians, and other medical staff like nurses and equipment that transport critically ill patients for specialised treatments. 

Airlorm Aviation provides you with air ambulance services in advance, which helps the patients to undergo medical consultation and evaluation at the earliest required for the patient. A pre-flight medical consultation is our speciality which helps determine the equipment and necessary care needed for the patient.  

Our service takes place inside a jet and propeller plane that contains advanced tools and life support equipment including monitors, oxygen supply, ventilators, intravenous equipment and defibrillators. 

Our air ambulance service allows two family members to accompany the injured or ill without charging additional costs. Our biggest speciality is that we offer ground ambulance services to carry the patient from the current hospital to the aircraft, while most companies lack this facility. 

How Far Can Air Ambulance Fly

Depending on the situation or urgency for medical assistance, an air ambulance can fly over 100 or 200 miles. As an air ambulance is chosen by patients who can’t fly, they are equipped with all essential medical emergency tools, including the medical crew and respirators, ECG monitors, or CPR equipment. They also carry medical stretchers which facilitate more convenience and comfort for the patients. 

You can certainly hire our company for international medical transportation services as our fixed-wing aircraft offers more comfort and safety to the patients travelling over a long distance for the healthcare facility. 

Essential Components For Choosing An Air Ambulance

It is really challenging to choose a trustworthy air ambulance service within a short period of time. The following parameters will help you during your research in choosing the best air medical services you require. 

  1. Customer Service

Air ambulances provide rapid response and emergency medical transport that is tailored to a patient’s individual medical needs. When seeking out an air ambulance service for yourself or a loved one, you want to ensure that the company provides reliable customer service and excellent care.

Airlorm Aviation runs in a professional manner. We do not compromise the credibility of our medical services. We offer helpful customer service for our clients every time we work with you, where your safety, comfort and well-being are our priority. 

We also follow strict guidelines and regulations that ensure each passenger, be the crew or the patient is in a safe environment..  

  1. Crew Experience

Air ambulances play a crucial role in the healthcare system by providing life-saving medical care and transportation from one location to another quickly and reliably. Air ambulance crews are often placed in situations that demand quick decisions and creative problem-solving. Spending time as part of an air ambulance team takes dedication, training, patience, and tenacity. But having the opportunity to help save lives makes it all worthwhile. 

At Airlorm Aviation, we have a team of highly qualified, experienced, and certified professionals, who are always at your service. We are experts in providing you with aviation ad medical services for your needs that ease your flight experience and concerns. 

We set guidelines for our customer safety. Hence, we assign specific teams for each event. This helps us to serve the best advanced medical facility appropriate for the client with our trained professionals. 

  1. Medical Equipment

An air ambulance not only supports a critical response to an emergency but it is also equipped with specialised tools to treat and check the patient’s physical state during the flight. Air ambulances are a growing part of pre-hospital care as they can reach people faster than ground ambulances. Whether they transport patients in rural or remote locations or those who require medical attention while travelling, the reliable care provided by the air ambulances and their medical equipment arrives faster due to their high speed of travelling.

At Airlorm Aviation, we offer international medical evacuation. We provide you with ground ambulance services, medical stations and medical carts depending on your medical emergency needs. We are also equipped with basic life-sustaining equipment to advanced stabilisation equipment. For the effective communication of the medical teams, mobile phones and radio are also ensured. 

  1. Accreditations

Air ambulance accreditation is often used as a metric for determining an air ambulance’s level of patient safety, professionalism and quality of treatment provided to patients during flights. Air ambulance services that help transport patients to different regions require certifications and accreditations from credible authorities.

CAMTS (Commission on Accreditations of Medical Transport Systems) accreditation is the accreditation that should be taken into account and serves the best quality of service. It also helps ensure the legitimacy of the company and serves high value among the third party to people outside the business. Other renowned governing bodies are the National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications (NAAMTA) and Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM).  

  1. Post-Event Services

Airlorm Aviation support staffs and crew are accessible to you all the time. We smoothly coordinate all your needs, from planning to information dispersion and derive success. Our medical service provider submitted debrief of the services and encountered emergencies after the event was over. 

Need Of Air Ambulance

To provide critical medical care in a timely fashion and transfer patients from one hospital to another, an air ambulance may be necessary. Air ambulance saves lives every day. Air ambulance services help patients and family members to seek the best doctors and medical care quickly and get the best possible treatment and medication to fit their health. 

The facility helps overcome the helplessness and stress of the critically ill or injured. For the convenience of the people, the air ambulance services are kept at a reasonable and affordable price. So choosing an air ambulance for better treatment and supervision is no longer a worry nowadays. 

Why Airlorm Aviation

A medical helicopter or air ambulance is an aircraft that can transport critically ill or injured patients quickly and safely over considerable distances. Air ambulances are equipped with specialised medical equipment and staff, certified in providing advanced life support and rapid transport of patients when time is critical. The need for an air ambulance is highest when the local hospitals are poorly equipped to provide the basic healthcare facilities needed. 

We at Airlorm Aviation are tailored to provide the best medical service that eases your mind. You can completely rely on us for complete medical services and solutions. We execute planning and medical coverage to full-field hospitals including surgeons, physicians, pharmacies and ground and air logistic support. Visit our website to learn more about our safe, efficient, and compassionate medical services.