8 Essential Private Jet Etiquette You Should Know

Essential Private Jet Etiquette

Getting invited to a private jet experience is something we all dream of! Isn’t it? Private air travel has skyrocketed in recent years, as it is a convenient and luxurious way of travelling. However, with this type of luxury comes a set of expectations and considerations that must be adhered to when using a private jet. Knowing the basics will make your journey much more enjoyable.

It’s important for guests or crew members on private jets to be aware of their behaviour at all times to maintain etiquette. Do you know the correct private jet etiquette? Have you ever been wondering how to behave on board? Whether you are a frequent flyer or just beginning to explore the world of private jets, here is a list of 8 essential private jet etiquette you should know before boarding your next flight.

1. Be on time

Travelling by private jet is a luxurious and convenient way to get from one place to another. Whether you’re the pilot or the passenger, good manners are essential for smooth air travel. Besides being courteous to the staff on board, it’s also important to observe basic rules about etiquette, like being timely and respectful.

Be on time–no matter your status, arriving late affects everyone onboard as pilots need time to check aircraft’s systems before flights and flight attendants need to prepare food and beverages properly if requested prior. 

No need to worry if you are running late for a few minutes. But if you get delayed for more than 30 minutes, you should definitely inform your broker or lead passenger. They will inform the operator about the delay and can adjust the time accordingly. The same rule can be applied in case you arrive early too. Informing about it can also adjust flight timings and make your journey splendid

The most important advantage of a private jet is their flexible timing and short notice booking. You can book your private plane easily at the last minute, and we will arrange flights for you! You can avoid all the necessary formalities in commercial planes, like security and baggage checks, but all you need to do is to be on time! It would be nice if you arrived 30 minutes before the departure. It is not mandatory, but a simple courtesy and respect you offer!

2. Luggage

Knowing proper luggage behaviour for the cabin, both in terms of aesthetics and safety, is essential for a successful flight onboard your private jet. Proper luggage etiquette helps maintain a sense of decorum on the plane, plus it keeps things well-organized so passengers enjoy an optimal travel experience.

Private jets do not allow you to pack as much baggage as you wish. The passengers can carry a large bag and a small carry bag with them due to the safety-related weight restrictions. But as a general concern:

  • try to limit the suitcases you carry, as your luggage and the weight capacity of the private plane are directly connected.
  • Do not carry heavy clothing and equipment with you while you fly; it is better to pack lightweight items. 
  • Make sure you do not overpack stuff.

You will be informed about all these general private jet etiquette during your booking confirmation. And do not forget to ask about the other limitations and restrictions during your flight regarding the luggage before you travel. 

3. Dress Code

There is no dress code on a private jet! You can wear whatever you wish. But to make the best impression on board a private jet, it is essential to dress appropriately. Dressing with the right clothing for the environment, you can ensure that your fellow passengers enjoy their journey. When you fly for business, dress formally (like those shirts and trousers for men with shoes and pantsuits for ladies). Your casual dress will be well-suited when you fly with your friends or family! 

When you travel as a guest, dress up in a way that shows respect to your host. But it is always better recommended not to wear your gym dresses, vests or flip-flops on a private jet. And overdressing for a vacation or leisure trip is also inappropriate. However, it is not compulsory to pay attention to these rules. After all, your comfort matters the most!   

4. Talk with your pilot and staff

Travelling in a private jet can be an exciting way to add a dash of luxury and adventure to any journey. In order to enjoy the best experience, it is important that you understand appropriate behaviour. This etiquette starts with being respectful and communicative with your pilot and other staff that may be on board. It pays to show appreciation and acknowledge your entire flight crew. Learning the necessary courtesies goes beyond basic politeness, as it helps create a friendly atmosphere for everyone on board. 

Do not feel afraid to talk or ask for something. They are happy to hear from you and are always at your service. You can ask directly to your staff regarding your requirements -your preferences (including the flight status, diet, beverages or even newspaper). The crew will happily accommodate your needs. Be kind and show respect when asking for something! Your politeness and a “Thank You” mean a lot to them.   

Your crew, including pilots, will appreciate you when you tip them, though they do not expect it! Leaving a tip is a gesture to show that you love the service you received. They carry a lot of effort into making your journey memorable without causing any discomfort or trouble in the midst of the journey. To name a few, their tasks include flight planning, the safekeeping of your luggage and cleaning and maintenance. 

5. Alcohol

Whether you own the plane or are just a guest, flying in style has its unique set of social norms and protocols. Do you know the rules of proper private jet etiquette regarding alcohol? When most people who fly for leisure board a private jet, they tend to behave differently than those on commercial flights. Going on a private jet can be especially daunting for those who don’t frequently travel this way because many travellers aren’t sure how to act or what etiquette should be observed.

There is no problem with having a few drinks during your flight. But never cross the limit that it affects your behaviour. You can hand over your bottle of alcohol to our cabin crew members. They will keep it safe and serve you whenever you need it. 

6. Let the host choose the seat

Private jet travel is the ultimate status symbol. It’s the apex of luxury and style. But it also carries a certain air of formality -private jet etiquette! Unlike commercial travel, you do not know your seat while booking the private jet. Travelling firstly or you travel as a guest, it is always good you let your host or the owner of the aircraft select the seat. Hang back, let the lead passenger board first, and occupy their seat. They will offer you the remaining seats and you fly. Why make your invitation worse? In other cases, you can ask our experts to know where to feel comfortable and sit.

Visit our website to learn the layouts (exterior and interior) of a private jet. 

7. Travel Documents

Private jets have become increasingly popular as an alternative to commercial flights. If you’ve been invited to board one, you must abide by the etiquette code to show good manners and respect towards your hosts. This extends beyond politeness and grooming; it also includes the type of documents you should carry when travelling by a private jet.  You are required to show your identification proof for any travel. It is always best to carry your passport with you as you do on a commercial flight, for international trips. But for domestic airlines, a driver’s license is quite sufficient.

8. Parking

Flying into certain airports requires more than simply following their standard protocols – it may require additional safety measures for passenger privacy and comfort. Whether it’s at an airport or just setting out from a questionable place, proper private jet etiquette can help ensure that things go smoothly for all involved. Here are four creative parking allowances Airlorm Aviation offers to make sure your experience with private jets goes without any trouble.

  • You get ramp access -drive right near the private jet. 
  • Our crew will take care of your luggage, which is safe in our hands! 
  • No need to hang around at the airport. You will be cleared from the spot quickly.
  • Our pilots and team staff can order you a car or helicopter at your convenience as soon as you land.


Private jets are an affordable luxury for many, allowing them access to planes that offer more privacy and comfort than public flights. Even if it’s your first time on a private jet, you don’t need to worry—there’s no need to intimidate yourself with all the “unwritten” rules and guidelines. However, Private jet etiquette is no longer an unspoken set of rules. Follow these etiquettes to ensure your flight experience is smooth and enjoyable. Airlorm Aviation promises you that your flight experience will be pleasant and the most memorable!

Take advantage of the opportunity to fly privately through Airlorm Aviation. Book your private jet today and make use of all our available services!